Experience Tanzania Focus statement

We are focused on providing a complete and meaningful experience during a  guest’s stay in Tanzania. Our guest’s either family, student or group of freinds my choose to volunteer, stay with us or tour tanzania’s cultural tribes, national parks or  challenge trek on Africa’s highest mountain Mt Kili can be sure of life time eperience filled with long term memories and contious freindship.



” Thank you Mama Simba and team for the a great experience and wonderful stay in  Tanzania”ghfkgfgfhg

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 An adventourous trek on any of the choosen 6 routes used to summit on Africa’s highest free standing mountian arranged and accompanied by experinced proffesional guides

Visit some of the famous Tanzania national parks on the northern side of Tanzania surrounded with beautifil scenery.

Learning Swahili Lessons

Foreginers can learn basic Swahili language from well experienced teacher by proffesion Mama Simba as you enjoy your stay at Experience Tanzania lodge

Cultural & Coffee Visits 

Chagga cultural visit accompanied by traditional and coffee  plantation tour

Featured Chagga Traditional dance

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