Experience Tanzania Company Profile

Experience Tanzania Company Limited is a duly registered and family owned company that accommodates guests all year round from all over the world we ensure our guests are provided with friendly and meaningful experience while visiting Tanzania.

Experience Tanzania company is a family owned business that was began as a brainchild of Mwalimu Esther Simba with the aim to provide a true meanigful experience for guests or students volunteering or visiting Tanzania.

So as to make these a real experience the company endured in providing all services that many visiting Tanzania would have loved to experience with a vairety of eventfull and adventourous activities  and also socialable interaction with the local community, Experience Tanzania intitiated the following activities

  • Acccomodation Facilities
  • Cultural tour activities
  • Adventure Safari packages
  • Hiking & Mt Kilimanjaro Climbing Packages
  • Swahili Langauge learning for foreigners 
  • Community develpoment projects
  • Organizing and Running Student internation Volunteer Programms
  • Women and Youth Empowerment Trainging