Organizing Community Support based & International Volunteer programmes

We organize and arrange a variety of Volunteer Programms for International visitors who would like to volunteer in Tanzania and also depending on the feild one would like to involve in and famillirazie them selfs, the programms are planned so as to have an impact and at the same time interaction with community. All programms organized and arranged by Experience Tanzania have always stived in producing positive goals to the community and also provide the volunteers with a life changing experience with regards to volunteer programm and also community culture background.

Duration Programms

The programms may depend on indiviaul or groups and can always be custmozied to suits one like.Most visitors suggest their duration to us to organize and make all other arrangments.

Volunteer Requirements

All international volunteers require a Visa and may vary depending on the duration of stay, Our volunteer programms target international visitors who are 18 years of age and above, other additional requirements one may consider include volunteer travel insurance.

Leisure & educational activities to add on during volunteering with us 

We organise treks to Summit Africa’s highest mountain Mt Kilimanjaro on any of the 6 routes with experinced proffessional trained mountiain guides

Our volunteer teaching programms begin from lower to higher education levels within the private, orphanage and goverment insitutions, which helps developing and broadening the minds of the local students and teachers the programm allows the international students to interact with the local teachers on the syllabus that is used in the local schools. The visitors are assigned to different departments depending on their expertise and are required to assit the local teachers with daily lessons and routines performed at the school.

The teaching programm is avaliable during the scheduled school time table most private and goverment schools have three terms which all have holday breaks inbetween the terms, though this may not be the same for Orphanage schools as the students or children stay within the vasinity.

The child care programms mostly involves children who are ophaned due to their parents dying or being abandoned by the parents or family members and some of the children in the ophan centers do not stay in the facilities as due to finacial strains some parent send their children to the center for education.The program involves day to day task at the ophanage such us teaching, arranging daily activites for them to do, day care and providing ethical morals and habits


Our Medical programms target local dispensaries, district and regional hospitals on both the private and goverment insititution where the volunteers work hand in hand with local medical staff in the insititutions within the institution the volunteer is allocated to his respective department of knowledge lab, pharmacy,martenity, optical and other respective departments, Volunteers work with local doctors and provide basic patient care, as procedures must comply with the Tanzania Healthcare System and due to communication barriers most volunteers cannot communicate directly with patients, it is at times unlikely that you will be involved in operations or independent tasks. Volunteers wishing to work in the programm need to have a the required qualifications that meet the Tanzania health standards and must have also practised for more than 2 years.

The community service  programme is basically meant that one shall have the opportunity to help improve infrastracture within the communtiy such as schools, dispensaries and other community based facilities that are used by the people living within that community.

Enjoy an educative and adventourous wildlife safari tour on Tanzania’s national parks populated by wide variety of wildlife and spectacular surroundings.

Serengeti | Ngorongoro | Tarangire | Manyara

A visit to Zanzibar Island with historical tour on within  Stone town with leisure activities on the clean white beaches of Zanzibar.

Interactive day tour cultural tour  with some of the famous tribes with background knowledge and traditional dances